At the SOFA BED COMPANY, we specialize in high quality custom built sofa beds and bed settees.

With our huge range of styles and bed sizes and with a choice of over 9,000 fabrics we are confident we can make the sofa bed to suit you.
The SOFA BED COMPANY in Glasgow is a family run business with over 100 years manufacturing experience and our main background is in the contract industry dealing with major hotel groups like MacDonald Hotels, De Vere, Hilton and also Interior Design Consultants. The great thing about our sofa bed’s is they are affordable for the family home and can be made to fit any room and size.


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Mon:   9am - 4:30pm
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Thur:   9am - 4:30pm
Fri:      9am - 4:30pm
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Choice Sofas
37 Garturk St Glasgow,
G42 8JG
0141 423 2300

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